Bluetooth: aptX HD and AAC support

I think many /most people will use Bluetooth for audio output (as I plan to, as soon as I get my PPM). In that case, the projector should support high quality audio via Bluetooth.

There are two major competing standards for good audio via Bluetooth, Apple’s AAC and Qualcomm’s aptX HD. Please support both so that all of us can get good sound.

Thank you for your efforts, looking forward to my PPM!

Great suggestion! @Philips_Support_P is this possible through a future firmware update?

AAC is already supported and working, tested with the most common consumer audio gear.

For aptX, please let us know which headphone/speakers you have, we’ll test it. Theoretically it’s enabled as well, but it’s not that common so not heavily tested.


Great! I have got the audio-technica ATH-DSR7BT (over ear) and the Cambridge Audio Melomania (in ear). The audio-technica are aptX HD, the Cambridge Audio are regular aptX.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Does the regular AptX work? (edit: I realized you don’t have the PPM yet)


Does ppm has aptx low latency feature?

MARSHALL Stanmore ii?

Could you kindly test it with the JBL speakers please? I have a JBL bar 2.0 as part of my setup.

@Philips_Support_P would it be possible to get a complete list of Bluetooth codecs that the PicoPix Max does and doesn’t support?

For example, which specific variants of aptX are/aren’t supported?

I’m looking at getting a Bluetooth receiver to connect up to my somewhat older stereo receiver and would like to have the highest quality and lowest latency possible.



Does anyone have a compiled list of Bluetooth codecs supported with PPM?


What about this one? Either by testing or specs?

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i have a question regarding this speaker.
did you tried to watch a movie / tv series with one speaker ?

I bought a Motion +, and the sound quality just blew me away. It is still a Bluetooth speaker as it can’t compete with full wired options like tv soundbars. But for what they are, I am happy with the result. Also, you can choose to tweak the equalizer to meet your sound preferences. I would definitely recommend it!


Is there an updated post on the supported BT codecs? Apologies if I’ve missed it.


@Philips_Support_P -

Thanks for confirming AAC support. How about LDAC support, current or future? As I understand it this had been open sourced and is now available for all Android OEMs to use according to this Android Developers Blog: O-MG, the Developer Preview of Android O is here!


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I tried to connect to fiio BTR5 which supports codecs AAC, SBC, aptX, aptX LL, aptX HD, LDAC and it defaults to LDAC and there was no audio