Bluetooth connection issue (with Creative Stage V2)

Hey guys,

anyone has experienced issues with the Bluetooth connection of a soundbar (Creative Stage V2 -
with Bluetooth 5.0)?
It worked for some weeks through the Bluetooth connection, then suddenly was not paired anymore. Now It takes very long to pair (1 time out of 5 tentatives) and, once paired, it’s not able to connect anyway.

With other bluetooth soundbars the PicoPix BT pairing works fine. And the Creative Stage V2 is working fine with other sources.

I’m wondering if the problem is on PicoPix Max or on Creative StageV2 side.
Any idea on how to troubleshoot it?


Yeah - I find the same issue. Having to ask it to connect to a BT speaker several times before connecting. Very annoying.

Hi Luke,

I just bought a cable but of course it’s not the solution I wanted.
I’m going to ask Creative if any update is needed/available on their side

Let’s keep in touch


I think it’s definitely projector side not speaker as mine isn’t Creative. However, I turned it on to test this issue the other day and it connected very easily 4 times in a row. Either they have updated something or I just got lucky.