Bluetooth connectivity issues

Hi, I manager to pair PPM with my Onkyo A/V however there is no sound. Is there something I can do to troubleshoot?

Also the Bluetooth list shows MAC address which I cannot recognise. It didn’t bother me but minor issue.


Hi @the1anuj are you using only internal apps, or HDMI/USB-C video input?

No just playing apps via WiFi. I tried a small Bluetooth speaker it worked on that but not on my Onkyo TX-L50

Found this. Last step is important

How to pair the AirMote?

  1. Go to the Bluetooth settings on the projector
  2. Press and hold [OK] and [VOL-DOWN] on the remote till the LED starts to blink.
  3. Now choose " Scan for devices " on the projector. You can still use the remote during this.

How can I connect my Bluetooth devices? It only shows numbers no device names, and doesn’t connect my Apple Magic Mouse.