Bluetooth multiple link

Hello everybody,
I’m just thinking a good setup to be ready when my PPM will arrive (IGG 20k so I think will pass a lot of time :disappointed_relieved:, but hoping before the summer).
The idea was having an outdoor cinema, but without annoying my neighbours with the sound, so I thought about a bluetooth transmitter with dual link support (this one was the first pick - Avantree Oasis PLUS). Does anybody know something more about this kind of devices? Any other suggestion?
Another thing that drove me to this device was the simoultaneus bypass with bt tx: I thought it would be possible to have another Oasis Plus connected, and having 2 more bluetooth headphones…does anyone thing would be possible? Or is there any other possibility to have more than 2 bt devices connected?

Thank to everybody :slight_smile:
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The idea that came to my mind when you asked this was: silent disco headphone system

They have sets with up to 50 headphones, but also sets with just 3, 4, or 6 headphones, using RF / IR / possibly even BT.

BT usually makes one-to-one connections, but these just transmit without expecting or need to receive anything back.

Yeah, I thought at these too…but my wallet just said no :sweat_smile: I saw the Hamilton Buhl system, with six headphones is still affordable…but always asking about the sound quality :thinking:

This one looks promising:

A stupider suggestion: buy a $10 FM transmitter, and a few FM receivers (i.e. radios) to plug your headphones into. You can have unlimited headphones all playing at once. No pairing needed. Quality is sufficient in my opinion (up to 16 kHz treble.)


No issues with audio latency with analogue either! :grin:

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Yep, the “Silent disco” version was for solving both quality and latency.
Read on Facebook that the actual Bluetooth hardware is capable of dual link support but the firmware is not up to the task. Is it correct?
That would mean a lot to me because I would wait the support for the dual link, without adding any other device (and we could use our Sony wh-1000xm3…)

So, I copy-paste what @IvoGrijt wrote on Facebook, I guess for me is the solution.
Thank you very much @IvoGrijt :slight_smile:

The previous BT chip they were going to use was BT 4.x but had the drivers working to allow more than one audio connection. The new BT 5 chip they went with can do it on paper but the drivers aren’t quite there yet.

Is there any update on this? Is now double connection support on Bluetooth directly from the projector? Can I have 3 devices connected at the same time (remote + 2 headphones)? @Philips_Support_P @IvoGrijt

Connecting even 4 BT devices works without any problems for me (remote, speaker and 2 game pads) but I think the main issue is connecting more than one audio device

Yep, that’s correct. The problem is not allowing multiple connections at the same time but routing audio to multiple Bluetooth devices