Bluetooth speaker (JBL) shuts down after a while?

My JBL bluetooth speaker shuts itself down after about 45 minutes. Not battery issue or what soever. With other devices it works well. Anybody the same issue with remote speakers and the Picomax? Seems like it looses connection?

Had that happen to mine as well, JBL charge 4. This happens when I loose connection to IPTV.

Which JBL speaker? I have a Charge 3 on the latest firmware which I could test, but I haven’t used it yet as I used the soundcore motion+ which I haven’t had any issues yet!
The only issues I’ve had with Bluetooth speakers is when another device connects to them in my house hold.

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It shuts down while the sound is playing, or does the sound go sometime before it eventually dies out?

It shuts down while playing, even when connected to the charger. Only happens with the PicPix Max.

JBL Flip 4

Do you find it does it when not much audio is being played from a film (basically a quiet scene?) Just been reading up on issues with the flip 4 and there are lots of people complaining the device basically goes into a sleep/power saving state when audio volume goes low.
Have you updated the firmware on the speaker which can be done from the JBL App as this may of been fixed in a patch?

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That sounds plausable. I’ll look into the firmware.

Hi i have the same problems with Yamaha speakers. It works for a while then the bluetooth connection just stops working. And the sounds goes back to pico.

Any solutions?

Updated the firmware, no solultion. Also volume does’nt seem to make any difference unfortunately.