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Why am I quoting Sonos move when I quoted your last reply? seems weird

A week ago. Want a link ? It’s from the official anker store (in aliexpress)

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Please do thanks

now its 99 + 5$ coupon so its 95.
i would suggest you to wait because it drops sometimes to 80 without any coupon.
as soon as i see a discount i will notify you.


Hi, Can anyone tell me how to connect the PPM with Sonos Beam? I cant connect them through bluetooth.

There is apparently a sale on Aliexpress in less than 24 hours, I can either choose the cheaper aliexpress price and expect a long wait or choose amazon prime and get it much faster, one ships out of America the other from China, so it’s a saving of about $40 Australian dollars and for 2 speakers thats $80 or equal to about $55USD , So yeah I would be interested to see the price differences Aliexpress offers for different regions if you can login and have a look thanks.

Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 10.06.33 pm

Its 82 US dollars.
I cant see a coupon, so i think its the final price.
Maybe you should wait a bit more and see if it goes lower then this. I paid 74.99, pretty good price.

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And then try these equalizer settings to get a better sound.


You can get it for 71 USD with coupon :

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thanks again appreciate it, but yeah just placed an order earlier for 2, applied all the coupons that I could, Honey even worked and gave an extra discount of a few dollars, in the end when converted it’s about $77 each but that includes taxes so I’m pretty happy with the price, now the long wait for aliexpress shipping

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Hey there,
Are all Bluetooth speakers recognized, without getting specific in terms of brand or capability; meaning could one simply connect an old-school Bluetooth speaker.
Also does the HDMI input prevent Bluetooth linking, if one wants to use a Bluetooth speaker does one have to use mirroring or streaming options only?
Thank you

In my experience all bluetooth device and speakers are recognised and can be paired and connected even old school Bluetooth speakers, but how totally compatible is hard to say with bluetooth, with my 10 year old speakers it pairs and plays too but it will drop out every few minutes sometimes 5 or more minutes other times less it’s unpredictable, but the same old speakers has no problems with my 2018 Mac, so brands and models do matter and you won’t know till you try it,
Yes there is no bluetooth over HDMI unless your connected HDMI device has bluetooth that can pair with your speakers separately such as an Amazon firestick I believe can.

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Interesting that you mentioned that your Bluetooth speakers will drop out every few minutes. I had that issue with some of my Bluetooth speakers too. I discovered that when I move the speaker closer (from 3m to 1.5m) to the PPMax, the drop out no longer happens.

Can you give yours a try and see if it solves the problem too?


Oh right, will definitely give it a try later tonight, but never thought to try that, I know distance does have an effect but didn’t think it mattered at current setup which is just under 3 metres

Did you managed to try bringing the speakers closer to the PPMax?

Those of you who are using a 2-speaker stereo setup, whats your experiences so far? Any recommendations? I’m about to drop the JBL BT speaker for something that’s a higher level solution.

Oh not yet, I’ve been a little lazy as these are not portable battery speakers it’s actually a pair with the left speaker plugged in to the wall and the right one connected by speaker wires to the left speaker that gives true stereo sound, so it involves moving a few things to get it done, but I will get to it eventually
Edit: guess I could just move the pico closer since it is portable , doh I’m having a Homer Simpson moment


Trying to connect “harman kardon bluetooth speaker” and no success :frowning_face:

Did any of you able to do it?

UK Sale on Anker Soundcore £70

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Whats the hype, is it boss? Im looking at minirigs, jbl, Ruark, Sonos (if we get support) and allsorts for super stereo sound.