BritBox casting using iPhone has problems

I just noticed that BritBox casting to PPM has issues. When you stat a cast britbox always presents a logo movie in 3-5 second video and then starts the main feature. When casting directly to PPM it gets stuck in a loop and only shows the logo in the loop. Anyone had similar experience?

p.s. BritBox is the new streaming service by BBC and iTV.

Do you have any other device you can cast the Britbox to, so you can test whether it’s the Britbox or the PPM that’s the culprit?

I do. Chromecast. And it works fine there.

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Okay, so it’s the interaction with the PPM that’s the issue.

Is it possible to start casting after the ad/logo movie has played, to see if the mechanism of changing to the next (actual) video is what’s causing the loop?

Apps that use any kind of DRM will unfortunately not work.