Can I downgrade the firmware?

I have now 1.1.03 and no problem with it. If I try to update to 1.1.04, and if i got problems with it. Is 1.1.03 still available for download ? And can i downgrade ?

Downgrades are only possible by doing an image restore procedure via an USB cable with a factory image of the FW version you want to downgrade to.

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So a factory setting will not go back to the first version for example?

If you have the firmware image of that first version, you can revert to it.

A factory reset wipes everything from the user side and starts out with the same firmware on the projector as before the reset, just without any apps or data added to it.

So if you got the device at FW 1.0.27, upgraded till 1.1.04, and then do a factory reset, it will produce a clean FW 1.1.04 device, not 1.0.27.

Compare it to a rental home. One tenant can paint the walls and hang paintings, place furniture, and decorate it to their wishes. If a room is added or the house physically remodeled, those changes are left behind by the tenant when they move out. A factory reset would equal painters coming back in and painting all walls white again, and the home being left in a new-like state, but with the additional room or remodeling present.

Thanks a lot Philips. I can just leave it on 0.3 for a while and wait to see if anyone has issues before updating. if something doesn’t work I’m sure they will in a software patch. Thanks to all for the information

We are confident you will enjoy V1.1.04 and would never want to go back!

If you do, drop us a message.


I do want to go back to how it was before. Now it’s useless sort of. Youtube doesn’t work, nor SYoutube, nor the casting from my phone… how do I downgrade to the previous software