Can no longer cast from PC Chrome tab

Hi there, I’m running picopix max version 1.3.0 and chrome version 124.0.6367.119 (both on the latest versions available). I was part of the original indiegogo campaign. For the last several years, my preferred way to play movies on the projector is to open the movie on disney plus or netflix on my Windows PC’s chrome tab then cast it using the chrome settings cast tab option. I hadn’t used it for a few months but today when i went to go cast it (aside from chrome moving the cast option into a submenu) now when it tries to cast to my newly updated picopix max, i can see the ppm option in chrome, but it just flashes the projector screen like it’s about to start casting, then returns to the main screen. Then i try again and it does the same thing. Then the PPM option no longer becomes available on chrome. This was a similar experience before i updated the PPM to 1.3. Did something happen that broke this ability to cast? I’ve been trying to use the onboard disney plus, netflix, and amazon prime apps on the picopix, but they’re very clunky and usually don’t work at all (just bad interfaces, sometimes the clicking doesn’t work, sometimes it does, but it takes forever to get working). How do I fix this so I can go back to casting from chrome?