Can't switch on my PPM

Hi there,

I received my Picopix Max last week. I used it for about 1 day while leaving it plugged into the power source using the original charger provided to me. I plugged it out and continued using it. Before switching it off, i noticed that the power was low with the battery standing at around 30%. When i tried to power it back on, it would not switch on. I then proceeded to charge the projector. During the charging, I attempted to switch it on but after running for about 1-2 mins, it shut off on its own. I then left it to charge until the light turned blue. I then removed the power source and tried to switch it on. It could no longer be switched on. When i plugged it back into the power source, it would not switch on again. What should i do?

Were you using the remote to switch it on or the power button on the back , or have you tried both?
Did you try holding down the power button on the back for longer like 10 seconds or more?

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