Capture Diagnostics app to run in the background?

After months of happy usage was thinking whether the projector currently collects any diagnostic data to finetune the future firmwares?

If not, would it be possible for the dev team or a talented community member to write a light program that could be started manually in order to capture diagnostic data from a user whose experiencing problems.

This could help the support team also as they could directly look into the raw data instead of relying some written report

There are standard debugging tools available for Android OS that work just fine with the PPX.
ADB is one of them and it works wirelessly as well as with a USB cable.

I’ve been meaning to do a write up of the tools and some commands I’ve used to log and set parameters, but these days I’m buried in tickets and haven’t had time to even enjoy my projector let alone tinker with it and write about it.

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