Casting a Mac or PC screen via bluetooth?

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I just received my PPM and am happy of this new experience!
I am wondering if it is possible to share the PC or Mac screen through with a wireless connection to the projector?
I managed to do it with an HDMI cable for sure but would like to do it wireless. Possible?
Thank you for your support.
Kind regards, Cédric

Yes, it’s possible. With a Mac you can use AirPlay. With a Windows you can use Miracast. Please keep in mind that the quality will not be the same as with a wired connection.

In order for this to work, you need to run certain services on the projector. Please see this post:

Here’s detailed instructions for Windows:


I can confirm that AirPlay from most Mac works flawlessly.
But it seems that there’s an issue with MBO 16" (discussed on this forum).

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my tests with miracast and “google” cast were awful!
“works” in the sense you have some image on the screen… but incredible lag and poor quality.
doesn’t work for video.

I haven’t tried this myself but suspected it might be problematic. As I suggested in my earlier reply wireless casting seldom lives up to the expectations.

well… with a Real Chromast works great.
With a Microsoft hdmi stick also…

Is just this PPm implementation that sucks. I’m very supicious on the SOC they used. would like to see some antutu benchmarks…

Hello all,

thank you very much for your swift and clear answer: I will use a cable :).

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If you have a 5GHz stable network, then casting iPhone, iPad, MacBook etc. will work great via AirPlay.

The Google Cast & Miracast protocols are not that stable. Therefore I suggest using “AirServer Connect” even on Android phones so that you can use the more stable AirPlay protocol. Keep in mind both AirPlay and Google Cast implementations are unofficial due to licensing reasons (these protocols are not licensed out by their respective manufacturers).


How do we miracast from PC? I tried but it didn’t work. Please advise. Tks