CEC (auto off/on) not working

CEC Controls on the ScreeneoU4 haven’t been working since the original version (which had its own issues), this isn’t an issue for any other TV vendor so why is this such an issue to get right for the ScreeneoU4, why hasn’t this been fixed yet?

Tested with multiple AppleTV’s as well as a PS5 all on multiple HDMI cables so its not the connected device, had I known this core feature wasn’t going to work I would have never ordered the projector, please resolve this issue asap.

Did this work originally for you? I saw CEC on/off working in the factory firmware and then the very first firmware upgrade broke it. I wrote in to complain and their reply simply suggested that I unplug the HDMI and plug it back in :neutral_face:

I’m using Nintendo Switch and Chromecast(w Google TV)

Yeah this worked originally but that firmware had other serious flaws which meant it would have been impossible to stay on it.

I’ve since found that its a common complaint which pops up in the kick starter forum but for what ever reason doesnt seem to feature here?

This needs to be picked up asap

I’m checking back in and it looks like the most recent firmware update was 11 months ago. So I’m emotionally preparing to never see CEC power working again, or any update really :') It was so nice for the first week. Faster power-on and one less remote. Oh well.