Change Operating System to FireOS, AndroidTV or keep AOSP

We’ve learned that Philips actually want(ed) to use Amazons Android based Fire OS instead of the Basic AOSP Android. But Amazon is not (yet) interested. They just started that business model for classic Televisions. So far so good.

I just want to know how many USERS also are interested in such an Fire OS on an projector :thinking:?

Maybe we will see a “Philips PicoPix Max - FireTV Edition” in 2021+ :wink:

(+1 from me)

Why limit yourself to Amazon Fire OS? :smiley:

  • Keep it as it is
  • Android TV
  • Amazon Fire OS

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„Alexa, show Babyroomcam on PicoPix!“

„Alexa, play The newest episode from Vikings on PicoPix!“


Just install the Alexa app on android! :joy:
I prefer the flexibility of android without the limitations of android TV…
Android 9 is perfect for me…

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The closer to stock AOSP we can get the better. Let power users take control of and extend the capabilities of their PPMax as they wish is my preference.

Forcing PPMax users into Amazon’s walled garden ecosystem would be a very very very very big step backwards in my opinion.


Bad idea. Amazon services is not available in every country in the world. Not to mention different languages.
This is only acceptable in a separate special version of the device.

Wouldn’t help in control the PPM without remote from all around the Room/House :wink:

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I wouldn’t have backed the PPM if it was with Android TV or Amazon. The nearest of aosp is better IMHO.

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Because I look for something I can hack, and adapt to use, not just a TV. And I fear that systems like Android TV, Amazon or others restrain too much the liberty of the user.

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Maybe this will work, when the Amazon Ecosystem is aware of the Philips PicoPix Max Infrared Hex Codes the PPM Remote is using …

(bumping up the poll as more an more users have made their own hands-own experience)

I think FireOS is too restricted especially with app compatibility?
Does it support mouse now?
Maybe Android TV is the best choice for now but I am not sure what’s the disadvantage of it compared to normal Android. Does it also support mouse for apps that are not designed for TVs?

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Developed stuff for FireOS before - no thanks

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Google have recently announced that a manufacturer cannot offer both Android TV products and Fire TV devices. Since Philips already offer make TV’s with Android TV they’ll have to have signed an exclusively agreement with Google. Google's Android TV terms hurt Amazon's Fire TV efforts - Protocol

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Don’t know if this is relevant here because as you probably know, Philips is just a brand license and not one big Enterprise for consumer products.

I guess it depends how Google sees it. It’s their licence.

Just to close this topic: we were talking to the team in charge of Amazon OS since 1 year and they put on hold the deployment on the OS on other devices.


Current Status:

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