Cheap FM Transmitter

My $10 FM Transmitter finally turned up yesterday, fits on the PPM perfectly without obstructing any ports and the headphone jack makes a good “click” connection.

Going to test drive it tonight.


Will be interesting to hear about audio delay with this solution.

I did the same and bought a cheap FM transmitter. Sound was OK but always got a bit of a background Hiss.

I then realised I was living in the past and got a bluetooth Tx/Rx and a 5 way headphone splitter so that 5 of us could listen to the projector in the garden without annoying the neighbours.

Got this one


Ok so quick testing, it works, perfectly really, no audio delay at all.

I took a few goes to find a FQ without any hiss, but settled on a good one and it was crystal clear, good range, didn’t seem to missing any major lows/miss/highs etc.

BUT, the range was pretty ordinary, like 10mtrs max.

Granted the car was still in the garage and the PPM was in the yard with a corrogated iron Wall between them.

I’ll do some better clear line of sight testing on the weekend. Just not enough hours in the day.

Ideally there would be a higher powered option that has an “auto scan” feature to find the FQ with the least interference

I think mine is almost the same. I don’t know where it is now though :sweat_smile:
You can use to prank someone who still listens to FM radio. I did it once although it was minor. I thought a more evil plan that wasn’t able to do it :joy:

I use this dongle in my car through aux input to connect to my phone.

Since i pair it through my phone, it’s easy.

But how am i going to pair it with my JBL Charge 3?
Is there a pair button on your device and speaker so they pair automatically?

Like playing War of the Worlds on as many stations as possible?? :joy:

If you are referring to my FM transmitter, there is no pairing required, just plug into a headphone jack and tune a radio into the same frequency.