Close and switch apps

I’m not sure if is already there but I don’t see a way to close or switch apps.
I think it would be useful is some cases.

I agree with this feature. On Android TV, a double push on home bouton bring you to the list of running apps where you can close or switch from app to app.
I was not able to do the same on the PPM.

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It would be a really useful feature!

Hi @IvoGrijt @PhilipsNono @Philips_Support_3

Is there a way to close active apps ? As of now the only way I found is to turn off the ppm.

Thanks for your input

There is a simple way, but we don’t have the button to do that on our remote.
While using the TeamViewer app to control the device remotely I noticed it had a button in the pc app to show all open apps, which you can then close.

The other way is to use Total Commander or the hidden Android Settings menu to Force Close the app.

If you use an external keyboard, you can use Alt+Tab to switch apps. I haven’t tried closing apps this way, but I mostly trust Android’s memory allocator to take care of memory for active apps.


With my rii i4 i can do that with combination touch (alt and tab)

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It took some time to figure out, but after all an external keyboard + mouse did the trick! :slight_smile:
As mentioned above, we can switch apps using Alt+Tab. Then release Tab while still keeping Alt down, and click on the x at the top-right corner of each app you want to close.
Only release Alt after you are done closing the apps with the mouse. :slight_smile:

If you install the app Taskbar, you can have a pc like taskbar in the ppx and in the settings you can show the normal android navigations buttons and set up how the taskbar hides :wink:

There is a possibility for widgers too but i think the ppx dev s didnt provide it hmm