Coaxial Cable & OTA broadcasts

I’ve got the U5 - and have been fairly happy with it so far - although I have not used it a lot.

I was just going to try to hook up my coaxial antenna for some OTA tv, but the coaxial connector does not look like a standard coaxial threaded connector.

  1. Am I missing something - I thought coaxial connectors were threaded connectors?
  2. Is It possible to hook a HD antenna up and get OTA broadcasts on the screeneo?

The coaxial connector you see on the projector is a SOUND OUT port. This is a coaxial port to connect to an AV receiver for Dolby sound.
IN order to connect your cable TV, you need a TV receiver that you would connect by HDMI to the projector.

ok - I guess there is no tuner built into the projector.
I guess I don’t understand the term coaxial cable - I’ve only used the term coaxial connector with F-Type coaxial connectors. The threaded ones you typically see with TV signal.

There is no antenna connections on this device. Some other brands propose it but there are not many. Like Philips screeneo team said, you can only use an app like molotov, canal+ that shows regular live TV or plug an external device like the one your internet provider give you to watch regular TV.