Concave bottom on picopix max

I recently noticed that the bottom of my pico pix max that I sponsored during the crowdfunding campaign has started to get a concave bottom, it’s no longer balanced when you place it on the table. My worry is that the battery has started to swell and it could explode so I have it by the balcony on a metal tray incase it explodes.

What should I do? Please help?!

Indeed not a good sign and again, way too quick!
There are several other topics that describe how to remove the bloated battery.
Until Philips indicates where to get a replacement battery, I assume you will only be able to operate the PPM using an external power supply. Either a wall charger, or a battery pack.

Hello @arvedavgi please contact Philips Support immediately with pictures of the device. I have given them a heads up to expect your ticket. Your device needs to be replaced. It will not explode, but for the moment try to avoid using it in this condition.