Connecting Screeneo U4 to mobile phone

I want to connect my phone to Screeneo U4 and am wondering how.

I believe Screeneo is built on Android and I use Android phones, so I was hoping the connection could be established via Bluetooth. However, I noticed that Screeneo’s Bluetooth 1 and 2 are for output only.

Now, I am evaluating a WiFi HMDI adapter, which needs to be powered (5V 2A), and I wonder whether the USB A port on the Screeneo can do that.

In the meantime, I bought a USB C - HMDI adapter to use with the HMDI cable that comes with the product. However, that means that my mobile won’t be very mobile when connected.

Does anyone have any recommendations, please? @Philips_Support_N, @Philips_Support_P, @Philips_Support_S what’s your suggestion?

Thank you

You can use your Screeneo U4 as a Blueetooth „boombox“ as described in the quick start guide. However, only audio can be transmitted that way.

For streaming video from your Andoid smartphone/tablet, you will need additional Hardware, i.e. a Google Chromecast or a Miracast receiver. Please note that the USB port of your Screeneo U4 only can provide a limited amount of electric current, so an additional power socket and charger may be necessary, the latter is usually provided with the device.

Edit: I personally use for which the supplied power over the USB A port of the Screeneo U4 ist sufficient. Depending on your use case (multimedia vs. office), a Google Chromecast might be preferable.

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