Control PPMax with a dedicated App

Many Android TV box or stick now have official app to control and navigate through their UI like the Nvidia shield TV or the Amazon Fire stick.
Their is also the official Android TV remote App but it can’t be used with the ppmax as it works only with Android TV.

I would be interested to have a similar app for the ppmax.

Hi Morgan,

This has indeed been asked before, and sounds like a great addition. They have stated they might make such an app in the future. But currently, also with the included remote, this is not a high priority:)

Thanks for the great suggestion!

KDE Connect for Android would be a far better choice for this. Already has phone screen as touchpad to control a mouse, send keyboard input, and media player controls. Works great to control raspberry pi media centers, for example. We just need to be able to allow a few permissions and allow the kdeconnect keyboard on the PPM and it should work fine. I have no idea if there is an iPhoney app for kdeconnect but probably so by now.


Good suggestion! Definately worth trying.

Thanks for your input. looks great indeed.

The additional benefit of the dedicated app might be to have shortcut to launch the installed app.

The only blocking point I see is that shutting down the ppmax seems to be a complete power off and not a sleep state as for other Android TV boxes. The only way to power on the ppmax is by IR signal of the remote or the bouton of the back so it would not be possible to wake it up from an app.

If you look at the (iOS) Appstore, you’ll find an app dedicated to Picopix projectors :

and this app is really intended to do what we seek in the range of controlling the PPM.

But Philips/Screeneo doesn’t seem to be motivated in updating this app for our PPM…


While I would l like an APP too, it’s more of a nice to have feature, not high on the list of priority fixes they need to get right on this brand new Beta product. I have the Capsule II, and the only time I use the app is when I can’t find the remote. The built in Netflix requires a mouse to navigate, and this looks similar to the PPM implementation will as well for many apps, thus they went with pure hardware solution and the “Airmote” design.

They said they will look in to the possibility to adjust this app to picopix max in the future, but of course they have higher priorities now:)

Yes, for sure, priority to sending units and polishing the software and the UI/UX !

But a mean to enter text easily (for e.g. thru searching interface) will be welcome.

It would for sure be a great addition!

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PPM is not yet a final commercial product. It makes no sense from a business (and project management) perspective to update that App now.
The most they would release a beta version for PPM but it would be a really pain in the posterior to maintain 2 versions of the app (stable and beta) till PPM will become a mature product.

@Philips_Support_P, any update on this?

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Does anyone here have the Phillips control app already with another Phillips device? Does it automatically pause playback of video on incoming call? KDE Connect does this to my laptops with VLC, Kodi, and Chrome with extension. I am finding myself already very much missing this feature on the PPMax!

I’ve got the control app - using it with a previous pp model…

It just controls the pp via WiFi - no change if the phone rings, etc.

As they’ve already got the app, should be simple to update from android 4.4 (I think) to android 9.

Can I vote again for KDE Connect instead of Phillips app then? Lol

@Philips_Support_P maybe KDE is also easier to implement?

Please look at the nvidia shield remote control app for inspiration.

It is by far the best companion app controller out there.

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I agree. I really appreciate that you can select input type and jump directly between apps.

I’ve used a few companion apps on a number of different hardware and nothing comes close to the intuitive and functionality of the Shield app. Hands down it even beats the Apple TV remote app.

I think the bare minimum requirements for a companion app are:

  1. Keyboard, with Copy/Paste function (passwords)
  2. Touchpad mouse
  3. App launcher
  4. Volume control
  5. ‘Home’ remote interface with DPad, volume, Ok, back and home buttons.


after 12 hours of use, it seems an obligation to have the possibility to control the ppm with a remote app. the infrared it only in the back of the ppm but if you want a big image , the ppm it’s behind you…the remote doesn’t work in this case…

thanks for your developing

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