COVID -19 proof Drive-in cinema

Picopix nicely featured as covid-19 proof mini drive-in cinema for some of our friends.
Audio @ car radio via simple fm transmitter (purchased a long time ago for an old car radio).
Popcorn included.

just a suggestion to other users.



Like the idea.

Wow that’s really cool. I tried to do that but only for myself since our garage is small LOL
I also have that fm transmitter. Perhaps I can try putting up something like that on the road :grin:

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:joy::joy::joy: how cool is that


According to the Dutch police that’s too close when parked. But hey, what they don’t know won’t hurt you! :wink:

The FM transmitter idea is really awesome.

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LOL! This is a really nice idea! Great use of PPM.

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Great idea :slight_smile: :wave:

When Bluetooth 5.0 driver will be installed on PPM there should be possible use multiply Car Audio Systems simultaneously, instead FM analog connection - I believe and hope see this soon :slight_smile:

@Philips_Support_P Can you confirm or deny the technical possibility? How many stereo speakers can be connected simultaneously via Bluetooth 5.0?

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Hey, I did exactly the same thing :slight_smile: I used an FM transmitter, too. Worked very well.

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HA! Love it. We we’re going to do this with an old Griffin iTrip I had in the drawer but because of the specific design to suit the old iPods I couldnt plug it in to the PPM because the 30pin connector was in the way!

I guess the safe way is to have everyone bring their own pop corn.
And some information which channel the Bluetooth-to-FM will work on will have to be sent out before. It’s a hassle to set up right frequency when the movie begins.