Current advice for a longer charging cable?

Greetings! I have been trying to get a longer cable for my PPM. I am content using the wall charger that came with the unit. But I want a longer charging cable.

I bought one on Amazon that says it is rated for 100X Power Delivery. But the projector doesn’t start charging when I try it. I can swap back to the short cable and it charges fine so I know there aren’t any issues with the wall charger or the unit.

Any advice? Or a link to a cable 6ft (1.8m) long or longer that you know will work?

Basically any type-c to type-c cable will work, just make sure it has charge capability and not just data movement. Been using mine on a longer cable for years

Hi, just like @Noah_Billeaud said, in theory, any USB-C cable with power delivery (min. 65W) should work. In reality, it depends on the quality of the cable. Just FYI, personally I have successfully used JSAux, Nimaso & JupptElectronics (I know, sounds dodgy…) for charging and 4k video and UGreen for charging the PPM.

I’m using this one.

This one was on sale for $33 CAD recently,
and came with a pretty long cable.
It supports PD charging for this projector too.