Custom wallpapers

How about custom wallpapers? or even live wallpapers come on this is android after all, also if possible at the home screen to launch with only the wallpaper/background of choice and by pressing the arrow keys left or right to bring up the apps? It’s not on top of the priority list but eventually when the rest are sorted would be good.

Haven’t got mine yet but can you install an app to see the system files and insert whatever wallpaper you want. I can’t see why that should not be possible. It’s certainly something I’ll try out.

I totally agree - at least allow for single color wallpaper - I like a simple black but any color palette would be great to enable.

have you found where to put the wallpaper? still wondering, I my try failed

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I haven’t followed on looking in to it, you just reminded me to do so, wonder if @mmeidl has tried it yet since I’m sure he has received his now

I found the files for the current wallpaper its 2 files 1 sharp and 1 blurred

And yes I also want custom wallpaper option ASAP

Received my PPM yesterday and I’m very please with it. More than met my expectations.

I am wondering, however, is it possible to have a custom picture as the home screen background, or am I limited to the default ones on the memory?


we all want it

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Hello all, please help to up vote this request for custom wallpaper. Thanks.

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We want to try the wallpaper that bricks android phones :joy:


Maybe there is already an existing apk for this…
(I’m a newbie in android universe)

finally got mine yesterday whoop. Has this been addressed yet and if so how?

No not yet unfortunately

Wow I thought this would be a given that you can change wallpaper… Why would such a standard option on practically all devices with a screen be omitted for the PPM? :man_shrugging:t4:
Philips please do something about this, the provided wallpapers kinda suck :sweat_smile:

A black wallpaper will be easy and greate 1st step @Philips_Support_P

And maby the upsate screen is a better boot up screen. :smiley: