Device Admin Applications for enterprise enrollment


This is probably not going to be high in your priority list but I cannot enroll the PPMax in my company device management (intune).

I think the reason is because I cannot enable the remote administration of the device, which I can allow in my phone.

Will this be possible ever in the PPMax?

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Can you elaborate a bit as to why you want or need to do this? I’ve tried to think of reasons but come up short.

I’m not asking to take away from your question, but merely to understand it personally.

@IvoG If you don’t need it don’t waste your time :slight_smile:

@Pablo_Perla I have very little experience with Intune but if I remember correctly Device Admin don’t work on Android 9 onwards, Device Owner must be used and it needs GMS which PPM lacks and will never get. So you won’t get fully managed device - maybe Work profile. But I might be wrong

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I’m an infrastructure specialist specializing in Microsoft infrastructure, and have my fair share of experience with InTune and other MDM solutions, so from that side I got it covered.

I just can’t think of how a projector would fit in, that’s all

This sounds similar to what I am looking for, in my note 8 running Android 9 my company Portal (intune) appears in the Device Admin Applications section of the settings.

That way my company pushes a set of security policies to the device (unlock via pin, etc.) and, in exchange, allows me to access the company resources and applications.

If it requires GMS I suppose I’m out of luck.

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In that case you have more experience than me :slight_smile: if PPM is company device company want to secure and manage it - but it can’t as it seems

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Imagine I want to access my work email to pull a presentation from a message, my company does not allow that from a mobile device unless it is secured.

Also, I may want to run an internal app in the projector to showcase, which I would also not be allowed unless the device is secured.

Obviously there are other ways to do it, like connecting my phone to the projector, but if I can do it straight from the projector is less hassle.

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Ah, I see it now, duh! :woozy_face: :nerd_face:

And only if you can access the company’s resources you can project them with the PPM directly as a client.

I was thinking more about the lines of the device security measures, couldn’t quite see the advantage, but overlooked the access rights granted once enrolled and proven to be secure.

Exactly, I’m planning to give the projector a dual use, at home for movies and leisure and at work as a portable projector for meetings.

I have found myself in lack of a projector many times in meeting rooms and I think the PPMax is perfect for that.

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I don’t think Google would make AOSP compatible for MDM as you need the Google services to control the device. Also Intune still has a long way to catch up with other products out there. Some of the other MDM products holds patterns over Windows 10 because Microsoft were so late to the show. Lol

I suppose I am out of luck until TWRP gets developed by someone and we can attempt to load GMS without tripping widevine L1

Because I’m sad: Android AOSP 9 Requirements for Android Enterprise.

I would raise this as a feature for newer Portable Projectors by Philips as MDM is slowly taking over everything in the business world.