Do you think the battery bypass function is working?

This projector takes about 3 hours to fully charge
Even if the battery is fully charged after 3 hours, the LED does not turn off and remains shining blue. Is the battery bypass function really working?

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If the projector is powered down when you connect the charger, will the blue LED stay on even after the battery is fully charged? I’m thinking that the blue LED might be indicating that external DC is present, but it’s obviously not hardwired as it can flash red/blue.

Yes I checked 6 hours after charging started
The LED remained lit blue


Blue led means it’s already fully charged.
Red led means it’s charging.
Red/Blue flashing means “check power supply,” you might have connected an unsupported adapter.


  • We recommend keeping the projector powered off while charging for the fastest results.
  • If you connect an adapter that supplies less than 65W, the battery won’t charge while the projector is running.
  • Power adapters supplying less than 48W are not recommended as it won’t supply enough power to keep the projector running. You may experience unexpected shutdowns.

Thanks for clarifying this! Are the LEDs controlled by the Rockchip SoC, the V56 chip or something else? I’m curious how much of the projector is actually powered up when it’s in “charging only” state?

They’re hardwired to the charging chip.


As above mentioned.

  • If you connect an adapter that supplies less than 65W, the battery won’t charge while the projector is running.
    Does that mean for a power supply whether it’s an adapter or a mobile power that below 65w will directly power the projector and bypass the battery, or it’s charging the battery and also power the projector but simply doesn’t charging enough while using the projector?

If it supplies less than 60-65W, it will only power the projector. The battery will be bypassed.

So no matter I plug to a 65w or less than 60w power source, it will directly power the projector and bypass the battery ,the difference is 60-65w will be also charging the battery,am I correct? Just want to be comfirmed that its not charging and power by the battery on the same time,increase the battery bulge chance.

When a 60W mobile battery is connected while using the projector in normal mode, the battery gradually recovers.
If it is true that only the projector is receiving power, why is the battery slowly recovering?

The projector uses a variable amount of power between 45-65W, depending on what mode it’s in (Energy Saver / Normal / Presentation), whether it’s plugged in or not, whether a CPU-intensive app is being used or whether HDMI/USB-C video is plugged in.

The power adapter first supplies power to the projector. Any remaining power up to the adapter’s limit of 65W, will then be used to charge the battery.

Example: you’re in Energy Saver mode, the projector is using 50W power. The battery will be charged with the remaining 15W.

I think the question is how to stop the battery from charging to stop it from degrading if PPM is mainly used on power adapter?

Does the battery stop charging when the battery reaches 100% full charge?
I don’t know that the battery is really bypassed because the LED only glows blue.
It is easy to understand if you are notified of the bypass by pop-up display etc.

Of course, once it’s fully charged, the charging will stop itself. There’s no danger of “overcharging.”

Further, the charge current during operation is a fraction of the normal charging rate, and will not cause any reduction in battery lifetime.

That said, remember that the device is a battery-operated portable device. It’s not recommended to only use it plugged-in all the time. Like any battery-operated device like laptops etc., you should use it on battery power every once in a while (for example, once a month) to keep the juices flowing.