Does lightning / HDMI always work?

Hi all
I’ve had a couple of app issues here in Sydney, Australia.
Firstly, with our subscription based service Foxtel. The app versions work fine on my iPhone and iPad but the version from Aptoide store won’t run on PPM as it says I need to pay for multi room functionality. I called them and they confirmed.
Secondly, Optus Sport doesn’t have an app in the Aptoide store that works. If I try to mirror or AirPlay from the Optus Sport app on my iPhone it connects but I get a black screen on the PPM with the control bar at the bottom. I assume Optus Sport have not enabled Airplay.

So- would the solution to BOTH issues be to use a lightning / HDMI cable from my iPhone? Does that bypass any Airplay restrictions etc?


Yes the apple lightning digital av adapter should work, but remember you will also lose bluetooth and keystone corrections by going through HDMI,
Not sure if you can get past foxtels multiform restrictions but I’m pretty sure you can get an Optus sport add on for Kodi

Thanks ThunderStrk
I took the expensive plunge and got the Apple lightning / HDMI adapter. As you rightly guessed it worked fine for Optus Sport (I thought it would since I used the laptop with HDMI attached for that at the weekend though since I was outside didn’t have laptop plugged in and the battery drained before the end of the soccer match! Hence why I want to use my phone instead).
Foxtel doesn’t work though. It literally just says Foxtel on the screen and won’t do anything. Looks like I have no choice but to pay $15 a month extra to add “multiroom” (they were giving that for free earlier this year which is why I used to be able to use Foxtel on the PPM). I still don’t really understand that though. I can watch Foxtel on an app on my phone or an iPad but not as an app on the PPM?
Don’t s’pose there’s any way around it…???

I don’t get it either, perhaps the Foxtel app you"re using is an androidTV version instead of a phone or tablet version so since it’s being used on a TV they want a multi room charge, you can try installing another version of the Foxtel app phone or tablet version, or try going into the hidden settings, click on all apps then the Foxtel app scroll to the bottom for the apps UI setting, it’s usually set to television try normal desk or car UI instead and see if that can trick it,
One last way I can think of that can guarantee to work, but success or failure depends on your negotiation skills, how many years have you been with Foxtel? I suggest call up Foxtel customer service again and demand they throw in multi room for free as part of the package, explain to them since you were able to use it before on the ppm an android device just like a phone or a tablet, no good reason to cut you off now, tell them you have no choice but to cancel the subscription otherwise,
it’s expensive full of ads Foxtel is dying in Australia they are on their last leg, very good chance they will cave in, it’s much better to lose $15 a month than to lose a subscriber of let me guess at least $50 a month?

Thanks. Can you explain more about the hidden settings so I can try that…?

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