Dolby Vision setup

Question: What type of DV is supported by Screeneo U5?

My setup:
ATV 4K 2021 — connected to media player HDMI on
Denon AVR-X4400H — connected on Monitor 1 ARC to HDMI 2 ARC on
Screeneo U5

8k HDMI 2.1 cables all over

Sceenario U5, EDID setting is set to „Auto EDID“
Software Version: V1.00002

The Denon shows the Monitor port to recognise 4K HDR and 4K Dolby Vision support in conjunction with the U5 at 30Hz only. While 50Hz / 60Hz is the standard in Germany (EU) and supported by both AVR and ATV, I wonder what setting is needed to get it working with the U5 in this setup? @Philips_Support_N any idea?

@Philips_Support_N no response or update for nearly two months. :pensive:

They just released a firmware update, heard similar issues that should have been addressed for what it is worth. Solution seem to be to wiggle it in and out. (Don’t shoot the messenger)

Had to go to manually run the update by going to settings / about / system update. Let us know if that fixed it for you.