DVD player to PicoPix Max: Video via HDMI; Sound via HDMI to PPM and then through Bluetooth to speaker?

I would like to watch my old DVDs on the PPM but would need some ideas on the setup, please.

Here is the idea: I take a stand alone DVD player to play the DVDs. DVD player connects through HDMI to the PPM to project the video. That works well (tested it with old laptop). Now, the audio is a bit of a challenge. It goes through HDMI to the PPM and then uses the PPM as speaker. No offense, but the PPM speaker is not that great. For watching Netflix etc. I typically connect the PPM via Bluetooth to an external speaker (MegaBlast), which is nice.

Now, my question is: Can I somehow route “through” the sound from the DVD player, through the PPM, to the MegaBlast? I can do this with a laptop where I do have control over the sound output (so, I can stream video via HDMI from laptop to PPM, while at the same time stream audio from laptop via bluetooth directly to the MegaBlast speaker – bypassing PPM for audio only). However, for the DVD player, I do not have this control. So, everything (video + audio) goes through HDMI to PPM.

The MegaBlast is Bluetooth only, so not a chance to directly connect it (cable or so) to the DVD player.

If I could somehow tell the PPM that it should forward the audio via Bluetooth?

If that does not work, what do people do to watch DVDs on the PPM (and with an external speaker)?


You could use a bluetooth sender connected to the headphone jack on the PPM. Caveat: this will only get you stereo.

I use one of these:

Thanks! I ordered (a similar) one, but I still cannot convince the DVD player to split the video from the audio output (tried HDMI, and RCA).

Then tried to forward from PPM (via audio jack), and that also did not work – So, I am guessing my BT sender (which connects to my phone) might not go both ways?


Euhm, why do you connect the BT sender to your phone? What is the role of your phone in this? Most phones are not set up to be a bluetooth speaker, but can use a bluetooth speaker for their own audio.

To clarify, I connect my DVD player to my PPM, and then use the BT sender - connected to the headphone jack of the PPM - to forward the audio to a bluetooth speaker.