Everything I dislike

I’ve had this about 6 hours and…

The power pack is massive and the power lead is too short and stiff.

The tripod won’t go to 90° and is so loose the stiff power lead causes it to slowly move or prevents you from putting it in the position you want in the 1st place.

The android OS is crap, should have gone for Android TV like every other manufacturer is doing or a mashup with Kodi or similar. TBF I should have known better, Philips have always been shit with interfaces in my experience (TV, bluray, radio).

NowTV app doesn’t work, which is where I want to stream movies from. Philips would no doubt spout the old ‘that’s down to the app developers’ but I have this on numerous other android devices, some I’ve sideloaded it on to, without issue. One of the main selling points was that it could be a standalone device so it should be compatible.

Aptoide - absolute piece of shit, 10 versions of every app, no idea what’s compatible and what isn’t. It also doesn’t get on with my BT broadband / router so I can only download by connecting to my phone’s hotspot.

Phone mirroring from my S9 is rubbish. Video is unwatchable, sound is terrible, it goes off if you expand an app group.

I plugged in a kodi stick to try and bypass the OS and eliminate most of the issues. But now I find that the hardware has let me down as the picture is now wonky and the bluetooth won’t work! WTF?

In fairness the picture quality and brightness is better than I thought it would be but honestly that’s not enough, others will match it soon enough. Unless the OS / app and keystone issues are sorted out soon it’s going back. Also what is with the crap tripod? This really doesn’t seem like £500 worth of projector.

Thanks for the honest review/rant :wink:

I do not have the ppm yet myself but have read a lot about the pro’s and con’s. They are mostly the consistent with your experience:

  • Hardware is fine (brightness & image quality) except for the limitations when using HDMI input (in fairness, they are known for some time now). However, this should not be that big of a deal since the device is primarily designed to be used with internal content. Unfortunately, the software part is not up to par and forces a lot of users to use an external player like a Chromecast, fire TV stick, android TV box, etc.
  • Software is where the real problems reside as you say. Apps which work fine on 90% of other devices do not work on the ppm due to various reasons (CPU not supported, no google services, etc). Unfortunately, there is no way to know if this situation will improve with time… Android TV would solve a lot of the problems but apparently cannot be installed because of the CPU not being supported (stated by philips in the topic below)
    What was the reason given for not using Google Services?

What will you be doing next? :slight_smile: Return the device or keep it and hope for software improvements?

If you mean the keystone under HDMI - that is not possible at all so it is not going to be worked out.

I’m hoping for big improvements in the OS so I’m going to hold out for now but only because I don’t want to deal with sending it back at present.

I decided to use a Chromecast dongle… I got too tired of the poor OS integration that they put into the projector…

Hear hear, a pity though because if you ignore the software, there is nothing like it in terms of hardware in size and capability. Cheers to screeneo to continue improving the software

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We already gt the device and returning is a hassle so let’s hope for the best and wish Screeneo/Philips good luck :smiley:

Bluetooth will not work for HDMI input, only for internal android apps

65W USB-C PD adapters don’t come much smaller than this, do you have a link to a better one with the same specs? I’ll ship it to you for free.


There are a few small 65W USB-C power bricks, I use one that I got from Indiegogo

Here is an Amazon link that has quite a few to choose from:

Watch out, he might find one LOL.
Put a price on it. There might be smaller choice but those will most likely cost a fortune😝

Only the shipping is free :wink:


Spotted the lawyer!

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Aptoide is indeed realy shit, none of the dutch tv apps are able,