External USB DVD/Blu-Ray Drive support?

Is there any way to use an external USB drives (Blu-Ray, DVD) to play DVDs? I would like to use VLC player but the mobile app doesn’t have that option. Nor is an attached drive visible to PPM.

Am I way off base?


You’ve attached one to the USB-A port already and tried it out?

Yes. I did try with a powered external DVD (usb) drive.

And did you check with File Manager or just VLC?

I tried with just VLC and MX Player

Try with the File Manager please and let me know if it even shows up there.


Thanks @IvoGrijt … Nope it doesn’t show up in File Manager either. I tried with several USB DVD drives.


It seems as if those drives aren’t supported in Android. Do you happen to have another Android device you can test them with?


Agreed. I’m not sure if I know any of android devices/apps that work with external optical drives .

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Did anyone work out a fix for this? It would be very handy to use an external DVD player to play films through the Picopix. Cheers.