FAQ: How to copy files from external storage to internal storage

The PPM comes with 16GB of onboard storage, with roughly half that available to you as the user.

To copy files to or from this internal storage, you can use the built-in File Manager app, available by selecting settings and then choosing it from the side menu.

A prompt will appear asking you to choose between Internal or USB connected storage (or SD card if inserted). In this demo USB was selected.

The folders on your chosen storage location will appear. In this demo it’s a backup drive containing PS4 gallery files. Note that you also have the option on the left to select files by type, without thinking about which folder they are in.

In this demo the choice was made to view all video’s on the drive, and one of them was selected by clicking once.

By clicking on the context menu button on the remote, the options to Copy, Cut, Delete, or view the file’s Properties are presented to you. In this demo the Copy option was clicked on. Nothing visible seem to happen, but the system remembers your choice, copying the file’s path to the clipboard so to speak. Do NOT remove the USB drive yet, as nothing has actually been copied yet, the system just made a mental note of what you wanted it to copy in a later step.

After backing out a few times you get back to the Device choice screen, where you now choose the Internal device.

Go to the folder where you want to copy (Paste) the file to. In the example it’s the Download folder.

Make sure to stay on the Back button / option, and click the context menu button again on the remote.

The context menu opens showing you the option of Paste. Click it and your file will be copied from the one location to the other. In this case it was a small file and the progress bar flashed by really fast, which is why there is no picture of that included in this demo.

Voilá! Your file is copied. Only now can you remove the USB device or SD card safely.


I think that first time I inserted a MicroSD card it appeard as an selectable option as well as the USB stick, but after format it in the hidden menu it no longer appears as a selectable option. Only Internal and USB appears!

Or is the file manager only showing internal for SD card?

Maybe I mix it up as I normally refer internal to onboard memory… unless the memory card is kind a mounted in the file system…


Is it possible to open and share one folder (with or without a password) from internal storage ?

I’d like to put some files from my network on internal storage.

I’m a newby to Android (an iPhone guy), can I move apps to the SD card to free up space on the internal memory and should I even bother to do this?
I’ve got a 256gb SD card inserted, would using this, over internal, be better?

Have a look at this post: Adoptable Storage

Is that the best option, versus moving apps across to free up internal space?

I can leave the SD card permanently in the device.

Why do you want to free the internal space for in the first place?
If it’s to put data, then why bother copying stuff off the internal drive to SD card only to copy data to the internal drive which then gets filled up again forcing you to have to move stuff off it again.

Seems to me you should just use the SD card as removable, non adopted storage for your data, and use the internal drive only for apps and OS. If your apps outgrow the space available (which I can’t see happening really) then you can always adopt the SD card and continue filling that up.

Makes sense. I don’t expect to have a lot of apps.

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Is it or will it be possible to copy files from a connected network location (like a NAS) to the internal storage of the PPM?
This would save the hassle of having to copy from NAS to USB to PPM when i want to take something with me on the PPM somewhere

I have used Total Commander to access the NAS, using the SMB plugin from here:Total Commander for Android - Plugins


Is there an easy way to view free space on internal and external storage?

Hi guys! How can I see internal storage left?