Firmware update problem

I got my Pico this week and updated it to 1.0.29 - or whatever was the latest firmware
I’ve just been trying to update it to today’s update and I’m getting “error not a valid package!”
Maybe the servers are under a heavy load or is something else wrong?


Yep. I’m not getting anywhere. Either it says my firmware is up to date or just gets stuck at 0% download.

If you need the firmware tonight, try to download it offline

I’ll try again tomorrow thanks.

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Is this for real that it is a problem downloading ~700 MB? distribute the file at a CDN and there is no scaling problem. I have been trying to update for hours with no luck. Off line upgrade is not an option either since there is no link to the updated version.

The link in the offline update article will give you the latest firmware update. It’s not asking the server for the 1.0.21 version, it’s telling the server that that’s the version you have, upon which the server returns the latest. So please use the link provided there as is.

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06:30 UK time
Firmware downloading without a problem now


I am trying to update to the new Software - v1.1.0 and am getting error.

error -> not a valid update package.

Attaching image below.

Please help.

thank you

The server is just busy with everyone downloading at once, try it again or later, took me about 3 goes to do it, or try downloading on your pc

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A tip for everyone with update problems: please try the offline update. Instructions here. Don’t worry that the download link contains the version number “1.0.21”, it’s the correct file anyway.

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