Focus with the physical buttons

It would be really nice if we were able to focus using the physical buttons of the PPM, like the plus and minus sound. Today we can only focus using the remote control. But what if the remote is not working. I am really worried that in a near future, if my remote stops working, the PPM will become useless.

Hello Lisita,

This is a feature we already added on the PicoPix Max One. But in fact the Max has an automatic focus, you don’t even need the remote control. Just shake the projector and it will focus again.

True, i have the ppm max one, focus with remote. The ppm has a camera build into the projector for automatic focus. So when you replace the projector it should re-focus for a sharp image

Hi, can you add an option in the system menu to launch the auto focus at will ?
Could be necessary if the remote is missing.

The “shaking” solution is lame… and can’t be done if the projector is fixed to something.