Forum suggestion

I’ve noticed that clicking on an external link in any discussion thread on this forum opens the link in the same window, rather than a new tab or new window. Can this default behaviour be changed in the forum software? It would be better to keep the forum window open and see the external link in a different tab or window. Thanks.


If this can’t be fixed: On a Mac, if you hold the ‘command’ key while clicking a link, it automatically opens in a new tab. I’m sure there will be a windows equivalent, I just don’t know it.

Changed it to open in a new tab now!


@PEHowland For Windows you can hold ‘Control’ while clicking a link or click your middle mouse button to open in a new tab (depending on your settings). Nonetheless, prashant has changed this already, but it’s nice to know this in general

How can I stop getting notification to my email? Its like getting spam to my mailbox whenever I got the reply.

You can turn it off from your preferences:

  • Click your avatar pic on the top right of any page
  • Click your username and click preferences
  • On the left side you’ll find Emails section

You can turn off notifications there.


i did it, thanks!

@Philips_Support_P thank you!