FYI: Improved AutoFocus

FYI: AutoFocus function appears to work better when there’s enough light for the AutoFocus contrast detection algorithm to work with. So turn the Projector’s light output to Max / Presentation mode and ensure the room is as dark as possible before initiating the AutoFocus function.

This results in a better autofocus result.



I confirm what @facetime said.
I have been using the PPM for more than 6 months now and usually I did an AUTOFOCUS in normal or eco mode but last Sunday preparing the PPM to watch the champion’s league final I was in presentation mode and I can assure that the AUTOFOCUS was perfect for once!

I thought it was chance !
But now, supported by @facetime too, I would do the AUTOFOCUS like this before going back to normal mode.

I hope this will help and resolve the difficulties encountered by those who had to do the manipulation ten times before obtaining a good result

Thank you for sharing !

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I don’t know if this is the case but this information should be added to a “best user’s advice list”

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Philip’s software engineer team could integrate this into the autofocus algorithm so it does this automatically then returns to the original brightness.