Game mode reset geometry correction

Hey, does anyone else have problem with the fact that the geometry setting is reset whenever game mode is put on? And that the geometry settings doesn’t come back when moving out of game mode? (This makes the remote button “presets” unusable since sooner or later you have to toggle by game mode which reset geometry :frowning:)

Feels like a bug that the geometry settings are not saved so it can be reloaded when not in game mode.

Perhaps to have low latency game mode no geometry correction is possible but in reality it makes the game mode unusable unless you have everything perfectly horizontal and vertical. Is it possible to have geometry correction supported in game mode without too significant delay impact?

Hi @Padderos thanks for the feedback. In Game mode, almost all geometry corrections and picture processing is turned off. This is the only way to get as low latency as possible.

However, when you turn game mode off, it should restore your previous settings. We will look into this bug as soon as possible.