Game Streaming Platform

We have a surprise for you soon :slight_smile:
We are now testing the service that will be integrated in the PicoPix Max along with the XBOX Bluetooth Gamepad


Great news!

Interesting… Watching this thread with… Well… Interest.

So it will be game streaming app that will be preinstalled in the projector? Steam remote play doesn’t work well when I tested it :sweat_smile:. I have an xbox gamepad so I’m interested with this :smiley:

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Steam remote play requires good connection upload speeds, good hardware. That’s taken care of by Stadia or other streaming platforms.

It will be a partner of us with free test and interesting subscription prices.
Also the Xbox controller works


Very interesting ! I’ve got an Xbox and this is exciting to see! Watching turned on thread now! :slight_smile:

Maybe this is just using the Stadia app? will the playstation controller work? Stadia is not available here but :disappointed:

Not Stadia :slight_smile: ANother one

Project xCloud?

Really encouraging to see this, I didn’t imagine you would be adding additional features.

Another one :slight_smile:

DJ Khaled says…


NVIDIA GeoForce?

I spy with my little eye something beginning with BL…

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ahah another one !

Obviously it’s xbox streaming

I think it’s Shadow PC

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