Gaming mode on ppmax

I haven’t seen talk about a gaming mode? Will there be one in the future to lower input lag? Back when the campaign started it was said to be 16ms but it is now stated as 36 Ms I believe.

Probably too late as the HW is done and not even sure this is at all feasible but it would have been nice to have a software switch (game mode) to route the HDMI/USBC either via the android part or straight to the hardware.
For instance:
Game mode On (low latency, no SW processing) route the signal to HW directly, no SW processing.
Game mode Off (buffering due to SW processing is OK) route via android so that 4 corners is enabled… HDMI/USBC media consumption.

The lag we measured was 1-2 frames (16-32 ms). Actually there is a possibility to reduce it from 2 frames to 1. But this is a hardware modification so we are unlikely to make it while still calling it PicoPix Max. The real world measurement I’ve seen from Gregory of passionhomecinema is 37 ms. These are quite low numbers in the projector world.

However the current sentiment is that if there is a hardware change people would rather see 4-corner correction and Bluetooth for hdmi and usbc inputs. This will surely increase the lag. So we’re not sure optimizing the lag is that high on the priority list. But then that’s why we have voting in this forum :slight_smile:


I think the suggestion of being able to switch between low latency made or running it through the android os for things like 4 corner correction sounds great if possible:)

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Not possible - it would need harware changes.

For picopix max is indeed impossible. But sounds good for a future product:)

Why can’t I set the functions of FlowMotion Technology (MEMC)?
Will this be possible in future updates?

It"s quite frustrated originally possible to make it 16ms but didnt ,for a “normal” gamer, input lag above 20ms is somewhat noticeable,

16ms is taken bacause it’s one frame when doing 60fps/1080p. 32ms is 2 frames. I am pretty sure you wont notice a difference with 20 ms :slight_smile:

32ms is quite a good latency for a projector. Anybody tried ppm with gaming ?

I just played my 1st game of fortnite in weeks on the ppmax and the lag is barely noticeable but it no lt suitable for intense 1v1 situations . Maybe I need to get used to it

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Tried a few games on the Switch and it was perfect. I didn’t notice any input lag.

Does this bypass some parts of the V56 solution? As far as I can tell the V56 still has to process HDMI into 24bpp parallel video for the DMD FPGA.

Which games are you guys planning to play, let me know.