GCN App doesn't work


I would like to watch sports via the GCN app (the cycling branch of Eurosports):

I was able to install the GCN App via the Aptoide appstore , but it starts in portrait mode (turned sideways) and does not show any content or settings menus:

The GCN support is not able to help, any idea how to proceed?

Hello Mica
I am a cycling fan that uses the GCN + app on my phone and I project it onto my screen via my PPM. Do you have a Comcast, Amazon Fire Stick or Apple TV? (I use Apple TV).? GCN is also developing a beta Web Player too if that helps, but I’m not sure if it’s live yet. Good luck.

Hi Andrea,
thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
I tried to share my screen from the phone, but the connection is not good enough… And I tried the Web Player, but that is blocked for Android. So far it seems the best solution to connect my laptop to the PPM via HDMI and use the web player on the laptop… But that’s an effort I would like to avoid, I got an android beamer to watch video without much installation.

The Eurosport app seems to work, maybe we can get GCN to fix the issues if more people ask them for it :slight_smile: