Google Play Services for ZDF Mediathek App


One of my favorite apps stopped working because the update requires Google play services. It’s the “ZDF Mediathek” app, which is the live stream and library app of a german television channel.

Does anyone know a workaround to get this app running?

There is another app called “ARD Mediathek” which I fear will also get an update and will not work anymore soon, because the apps are identical but just the content is different.

I would like to avoid the workaround of having a hdmi streaming stick. An internal solution would be great.

Thank you very much!

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Maybe consider Zapp:

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Hi @RalphPPM

I found a really good solution for that: Google Chromecast with Android TV.
Chromecast connected to PPM through HDMI and the sound routed through Bluetooth to an external speaker.
Haven’t used PPM’s apps/OS ever since I installed the Chromecast and I can take advantage of the apps depending on Google Play Services (which are also Android TV compatible) :slight_smile:


Thank you for the answers so far!

Suddenly there was an update on aptoid store which works. So for the moment I can use the app again. But I think we will loose more app support over time and the only good solution is like @dragos said, an external hdmi streaming stick.

I already have a Bluetooth transmitter attached to get my playstation sound on a Bluetooth speaker. Now a HDMI streaming stick and the power supply makes the whole setup look like a hack. Not smart but I think that’s the best solution.

I will also look for an android TV stick. But first I want to be sure that it can support stadia. I bought a premier edition and really like it.

Hi! I also use ZAPP for some weeks (with this you also can download from the mediathek for later offline vieweing)! I tryed some of the plugins for KODI too, but I find the GUI not that intuiitiv and it’s not as stable as ZAPP.