Google services and or Viaplay app

Well waiting for long time for news on the PicoPix Max OS news.
Seems they stop devoloping the firmware on the device.

Is there a work around they i can use Google Services on the PPM.

When using a Dongle for example Google Chromecast with TV can u use a bluetooth audio speaker or must u use and Jack Bluetooth plug.

Love top watch F1 ( true ViaPlay at the moment ) but there is no way i can get it to work with the PPM so if anyone as a tip or workaround for this it would be great.

ViaPlya works fine now. I had a problem too.

I turned that not only ViaPlay, but most apps in Aptoide are extremely outdated. That’s why ViaPlay’s app stopped working.

So basically either use a browser on ppx or in your laptop and then transfer APKs through usb stick. I find APK mirror to have most up to dates apps. Just make sure you see Android TV next to the name, so you may end up getting mobile app instead of the one compatible with horizontal screens.

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