Google TV a possibility?

With with sudden rebranding and simplification of the Android TV ecosystem regarding tv based devices (TV, usb dongles, assume projectors as well), Android TV becomes Google TV.
Would there be a possibility to adopt the new Google TV system instead? Would Philips be willing to have a chat with Google on this topic?

I think it needs to be new hardware if they do

I recalled the previous reply from Philips was that Google did not want to build in Android TV into projectors. Not sure if this direction would change upon rebranding, personally I think no.

I don’t think there’s any technical obstacle to this.
The only issue is Google will not allow certifying existing devices to facilitate updating to the new Android TV.
I stand to be corrected but this is my understanding.

BenQ just released android TV projectors, so if that argument was ever used by Google, I guess it no longer applies now. Would be awesome to have proper android TV instead of whatever it is that PPM wants to call that OS of theirs.


Seen multiple brands using it, so its a mixed message. I accept the issue being with the hardware rather than with Google. If some can get it and use it, why can’t others.