Google TV and Apple TV+

We have 2 good news for Micro 2TV and Ultra 2TV owners!
We are slowly updating the interface to Google TV, you should already see it in some countries like Germany, France or Switzerland.

The second good news comes from Apple, they finally released Apple TV+ app on those 2 models!

We have also 2 new devices coming with Android TV (Google TV) in August. Stay tuned on our Facebook channel!

Disney + In Thailand at the end of this month, it will start to work, but why is the app in ppm not supported yet? When will you update the app?

Disney+ is installed on the PicoPix Max and should start to work as soon as the service is available in Thailand

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Disney+hot star it’s not available in ppm you should update it. The app is already available, it doesn’t work. I live in Thailand now they are open for service. You should update the app to a supported android tv.

Hello, the projector is not running on Android TV but Android AOSP.
The app works correctly in EU, can you show us some picture of your app?

Hi it should work like any other app or Netflix I hope you should update or fix it please

This is an app that you have downloaded so we don’t make any support I’m sorry. You should use the normal Disney+ app.