Having issues with Netflix and Amazon Prime

Hello all,
I was able to purchase one of these projectors brand new recently but am having a headache with Netflix and Prime.
So as soon as I purchased it I charged it up to 100% and ran the auto updates, so am on v1.1.03.

I have not updated any of the apps so far but when I log into Amazon Prime I get the following:

And videos do not play, I get an unknown error. When I try to log into Netflix I just get a spinning wheel.

I have done a software reset, have deleted cookies (netflix) and have restarted the device but have not found a solution.

Any help is appreciated!


Update Amazon Prime, but not Netflix after a factory reset, and let us know how that works out.

Amazon is still crappy

That worked! Thanks.

Now need to figure out why Netflix just has a loading icon after logging in. I did not apply the update for it.

Alternatively may try the Netflix plugin in Plex, see if that works.

Can you make a small clip of what you see please?

I had that one yesterday. I cleared the cache and data for netflix and was able to login

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How do I clear the cache? Thanks

Go to the hidden menu - more settings/about/click software version 5 times/click Apps/See all apps / show system apps/ select netflix / select data and then cache / clear then out

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Cheers for that.
Unfortunately didn’t solve the issue. So after launching Netflix I click the “Get Started>” icon and then it’s a never ending loading icon.

Ah I got it working, clicked on “Sign in” top right instead of going to “Get Started” then when trying my login details it recognises I already have an account and breaks when I try to sign in from the provided link…
Although unfortunately 3-4 minutes into watching I got the following error: