HBO Max crashes

I’ve had a range of issues with the HBO Max app, including frequent crashes (screen freezes while audio continues). Oftentimes, the HBO Max app also fails to load, yielding an error screen in the app. The app typically became unresponsive to remote input, either after returning to the home screen in the case of a crash or several times when the app was outdated. The HBO Max app does not update automatically, so I am now used to reinstalling the app through the Aptoide, even if this does not always resolve the issues. I noticed that the device usually heats up rapidly when the HBO Max app crashes but I don’t know how to solve or prevent this.

I’ve taken most of the troubleshooting steps suggested by HBO Max ( but they helped only half of the time. Rebooting the device rarely helps. Updating the app helps oftentimes but not always.

Anybody else experiencing these or similar issues? And what can be done about it?