HDMI ARC Support

If I recall correctly, the hardware for HDMI ARC is already in place. Is it feasible on software level in a future firmware update?

I am not sure if this is possible giving the hardware structure. @Philips_Support_P can you confirm if this is possible?

Hi guys! As far as I know, Philips/Screeneo team has clarified that this isn’t possible. Sorry about it.

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I noticed in the newest update, it does mention HDMI-ARC as an alternative to Bluetooth with HDMI input… So maybe there is still hope?

" HDMI and Bluetooth: We received confirmation from our engineers that if a source is connected to HDMI or USB-C, the sound can’t be forwarded to Bluetooth (to avoid audio lag). Your Apple TV, FireStick, BlueRay player or other sources will be able to connect directly to Bluetooth speakers or even 5.1 receivers (with ARC). This is the best way to play audio via Bluetooth when using external devices. Only external devices can properly apply Bluetooth audio delay compensation."

Travis, that got me excited again but nope, it states that the external device that you plug in will handle the audio instead of PPM if you want to use external speakers.

The statement they make doesn’t actually make sense… How can you use ARC with a steaming dongle? That would require the display to have 2 HDMI inputs (one for the streaming dingle and one with ARC to a 5.1 receiver ), which the PPM does not have.

Something like this would allow you to split the audio out from a chromcast, TV dongle or bluray / stb

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This is good stuff! We will buy one.

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Hey @Nono

Chose the Amazon Basics on as it should be available from them anywhere in the world.

There are several similar devices, including ones that take one HDMI in and split to 2 HDMI out, one for video and one for sound, so there are many cost effective options out there to achieve separated audio when using HDMI so that an amp can be used.

If there is no ARC. Can I check how can I play Netflix from the picopix Netflix app into a 5.1 audio surround system?
Bluetooth connecting to my sound bar will not give me 5.1 surround audio right?

That’s the thing, you can’t. Maybe, and this is a big maybe:
Picopix Max —> USB to HDMI adapter —> HDMI audio/video splitter (as above) —> coaxial/Toslink input in AV receiver
@Philips_Support_N @Philips_Support_P
Can you try this setup please?