HDMI-CEC Support

Does it support HDMI-CEC?
This is for commands like via Chromecast or Google home (ie turn on, turn off).


Having this would be great, @Philips_Support_P, any say on this?

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I thing hdmi-cec is also known as hdmi Arc…
Philips said that this is on their to do list for later, they focus on fixing and teasing for now

Nope ARC is just an Sub-Feature which needs CEC (which is used for various stuff)

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OK thanks.

I’ll like to achieve this: Turn your TV on and off using Google Nest or Google Home speakers or displays - Google Nest Help, where I’ve my Chromecast named as the TV and I issue commands to it via Google Nest mini 2.
Would be a great thing to have. :), but in the end, only if the device has the hardware for it.

Just tested it with my PPM:

No HDMI-CEC :no_mouth:


  • FireTV 4K Stick (Connected to own Power Supply!)
  • Pressing the Home Button on the FireTV Stick

-> On HDMI-CEC capable devices, this Turns on the other side and also switched to the HDMI Input where the FireTV Stick is connected


On the hidden Android menu, the option exist but it doesn’t seems to work. See the picture.

I suspect that as the device is not in a deep sleep mode but completely turn off when powered off. HDMI signal can’t be read by Android.
By the way, turning off HDMI device is also not turning off the PPM.

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The HDMI chip supports CEC and the verification tests pass, but it’s not actually used for anything in the product. I will get it checked whether at least power off functionality can be implemented (power On will be tough, Philips has strict standby mode power requirement much stricter than EU guidelines).

Also, the feedback from various suppliers and my own experience is that CEC rarely works correctly. I’ve had my lamp-based projector (another brand) turned on by FireTV randomly multiple times, once while I was away on a holiday… 3 days it was on till I got back :neutral_face: Recently while working on a flagship 4k projector we wanted to use CEC exclusively for all control but the idea got shot down by the Systems guys since it was totally unreliable. Just putting out my thoughts on this.


Thank you for looking into this. I don’t have experience for CEC with other projectors but the Nvidia Shield TV I have hooked to a display is super reliable.
At least the power off will be a welcomed addition to the PPM.

I absolutely love the ease that HDMI-CEC brings. Well it may be anecdotal but it never failed for me. I have a Sony TV hooked up with Chromecast and I give commands to it using my Google Home.

I understand that the standby mode settings would be stricter given it is a portable device but can we relax it when it is plugged in? I think a lot of people are using this device as a home device but got this one for ease of vacation use if needed.

Also, thank you @Philips_Support_P, you are doing a great job :slight_smile:


Would also be super cool to have volume control.

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My 2019 Philips TV is also working great and absolutely reliable when doing CEC communication with my 2018 Denon AV-R.

ahhh no CEC? This is reminiscent of my experiences with the xgimi aurora CC - earlier advertising promised chromecast and other ATV functions. wasn’t available when i bought it. I didn’t panic cause hey, could easily whack an HDMI AndroidTV in and…wham, no CEC. CEC makes controlling easy, it standardises power, volume, channels, play fx across…well any company and device that supports it. One remote to rule them all as the old poem goes. Not to mention the google home controls…god to think i almost lost out on that (big thx OP!).
I dont know of another protocol or control mechanism that can do this, do you?

So I’ll wait a few hours for a reply but i’d say i’m out, i’ll get my refund and sink my money into something that works for me but for the sake of the ppl hanging on here, please don’t give up on CEC!



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I’ve moved this topic to feature suggestions. Let’s put it to vote, we will investigate it if enough people demand.


I always use CEC with my TV and my Chromecast because it’s so helpfull to ask Google to shutdown the TV…
If poweron is not enough reliable (no pb with my TV since many years), then do at least poweroff …


@Philips_Support_P in addition to the power on stuff there is one thing I realy would like to see even more:

The possibility to CEC-Control a HDMI attached device for media-control.

With that in place, we could get rid of additional remotes f.e. a Blu-Ray Player, a FireTV oder maybe even AppleTV (Altough AFAIK Apple only supports the other way around).

I know that nearly all (?) TV Vendors are able to control a FireTV device which is connected directly to their device.


@Philips_Support_P can you comment on that from a technical point of view?

Looks like HDMI-CEC Support is on @Philips_Support_P’s list :slight_smile:


Will be interesting to know, which HDMI-CEC Features in detail: