Hdmi input screen size adjustment

I’m not sure if anyone else is having this issue or if it’s been discussed here but Is there anyway I can adjust the screen size while on hdmi? Apple TV for example doesn’t let me down size the screen… I had planned on using this projector with my Xbox but the picture is too big for the wall I’m projecting to

Hi, sadly this is only possible for internal content. Not when using HDMI.

And this is why I would need to return this for a refund

Look for an Underscan feature on your Apple TV. It may help reduce the screen size about the same amount as PicoPix digital zoom would have.

Would you completely exclude this can be done in a software upgrade? I’d miss zoom way more than 4 corners, and the firestick had the underscan setting disabled for years.

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Yeah Apple TV doesn’t have that… I don’t get why the ppm doesn’t have this feature already it seems like something that should be automatically included… it’s 2020 for crying out loud!

There’s an EVB for this chip available. I’m tempted giving it a go to see how well they do warping/interpolation. Very short processing delay as well as long as you’re not rotating the image. By lifting the V56 chip and installing an interposer flex the RGB interface can be interfaced (easier on that side than on the FPGA side). But Flex 2k is probably more expensive than the PPM itself :slight_smile:

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On the flip side, you gain the ability to build a 4k composite using 4/8 picopixes ;p.

Hello, please check this webpage. Hope this adjustment does the job for you.

No that doesn’t help at all

How do I get Apple TV to play through this thing? It’s picture won’t get lined up right. I knew four corners were not going to work (meaning I couldn’t project from the side of the room) but there was meant to be a horizontal adjustment. I just got it today and really not happy. Sound keeps coming out of the projector for certain apps from Apple TV too and not my sound system.