HDMI no 4K Resolution

Hi , I see that the HDMI 1 work fine with 4K resolution but the HDMI 2 is not work good with 4K Resokution but it is maximum 1080P.

Why this ?
Hi f I use the Amazon stick in HDMI1 I can watch Netflix in 4K , if I move the stick in a HDMI 2 it is not 4K and it is the same for PS5 and for XBOX.

There is any upgrade to solve this limitation ?

Thank you.

Hello, have you changed the EDID to 2.1 for the HDMI input ?

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@Philips_Support_N I’d like to know how to do this? I’m in the UK if it is location dependant (EDID isn’t something I see in the settings).

Never mind, found it, lets see if it works.

Thank you :pray:
I changed in the menu HDMI to 2.1 and now it work fine.