Help from customer support after confirming that I should proceed with the replacement process

@PhilipsKristina Is it normal to hear silence from anyone on this matter?

Hello, I’ve sent back my Pico for replacement the 2-3-2021.
No update since then, despite I wrote few times.
Ticket ID: 34134


Hello @iMikeY, your shipment is being prepared in the warehouse in the US. I have informed you about the possible delays with the customs and knowing the situation we worked on a better solution for you. We could not give you an update because we did not know if the parcel to the US will arrive on time or not. The situation with the shipment delays/returns without any explanation is not great.

hi @Phil, we will check with the warehouse and come back to you via the ticketing system, Thanks!

I have sent the Replacement request 32904 since Jan/11/2021, and I haven’t received any proper followment.

On Feb 8, I requested an update or information thru
The response was to fill in the same information on the form that I have previously filled, to create a new replacement request.

I answered i had already did this before and the response was
“Unfortunately, we’ve fallen behind with shipping labels issue and we’ll do our utmost to send them as soon as possible.”

It’s been more than 2 months, almost 3 now of support with no action from your end.

What are the next steps?

Hello @PhilipsKristina,
It’s a month that I sent back my Pick and no updates.
Did you check with the warehouse?
Many thanks

Hi @PhilipsKristina and thank you for following up, I’m sure you have a hectic day with all the details that need attention.

It has been about a month since UPS delivered our return package to you, so we are wondering if the replacement unit you mentioned was being prepared is on its way yet? We really enjoyed the projector as a extra TV here at home, so every week I hear “is it coming soon”, " have they sent it yet?" - so I hope I can give some good news soon.

Best regards,